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pets appliances care dog enjoying the paw washer and cleaner

Firstly! All your little furry pets got to do is press down and like magic, water comes out. Secondly! Our Automatic, Outdoor Dog Water Fountain, Brings a fun, exploitative way for your pooch to quench his or her thirst in the outdoors. Thirdly! No more putting a plain, old water bowl out there. Lastly! Challenge your dog to a self, serve the way of getting some water. pets appliances care!

Teach Your Pet How To Use The Paw Pattern

dog learning how to use automatic water cleaner

Most importantly! Teach your dog to step onto the printed paw pattern, From the water fountain to dispense water. Above all! Each purchase includes some training instructions you can follow to ease your pooch into using the fountain. Moreover! With time, he or she will be stepping on the fountain pedal naturally for a sip of water! pets appliances care

Pets appliances care dog water fountain

pets appliances care automatic outdoor dog water fountain

In addition! When you buy our dog water fountain, it comes with a two way splitter attachment, For your water valve. Secondly! You can use your normal garden hose and Automatic Outdoor Dog Water Fountain at the same time. Therefore! A pressure adjustment valve on each split, Allows you to control flow and pressure, To train your pooch into using the fountain. pets appliances care!

pets appliances care 4 dogs using paw water cleaner

Most importantly! Our water fountain is made of heavy gauge steel and a copper valve to prevent leakage, while the hose is tamper-resistant for no holes or punctures. Finally! The paw-print pedal is made of a durable, steel plate for a concrete stepping surface. Therefore! No flimsy or cheap plastic, with rubber friction pads to reduce unwanted skid and movement. pets appliances care

In conclusion! like magic, water comes out. There is no power required! Your furry best friend does all the work. Simply! You just have to screw the hose into the two-way Splitter or directly onto your water valve. This Automatic, Outdoor Dog Water Fountain, Requires no batteries or controllers. pets appliances care!

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